What to expect in Part 3 BMS

Great. You have done two years of BMS. What's in store in the third year?


Just tears.

You can go back to binging Netflix on your holiday.

Read on if you are interested to learn more on what the title says...

What's the crux of third year?

You have probably heard this so many times.

Pathology, being the medical science that involves study and diagnosis of disease through the examination of organs, tissues, fluids etc.

The whole of pathology is divided into five main courses.

  1. Chemical Pathology

  2. Medical Microbiology

  3. Haematology

  4. Histopathology

  5. Immunology

Links to the slides of each course are above.

There are other menial courses such as Entrepreneurship blah, blah and the likes that you have to just go through as well.


Here are a few tips.

1. Take Pathology Seriously

There's the fact that if you don't, you will fail and that's obvious.

But the fact of the matter is that when you get to fourth year as you start your clinical years, you will wish you still remembered that Bacillus is an aerobic, gram-positive bacteria while you are doing general surgery.

Not everything in pathology is important to clinical practice such as remembering that Anti-glomerular Basement Membrane Disease (immunology) is related to the HLA-DR3 gene.

But the basics, and you will know which are basics, you should know and you will thank yourself during your clinical years.

The problem that I had with my seniors as I also started third year is they all said that I should keep on revising pathology as it will help ahead. Similar to how remembering anatomy will help you become a better doctor

But very few every told me how to revise... Because let's be honest.

You are not going to make a sensible enough timetable to revisit anatomy while you are doing chemical pathology.

Which leads me to my second tip, the most important.

2. Flashcards, flashcards, flashcards!

I can not stress the importance of doing flashcards in medical school. They buy you so much time, you end up writing tips for third years a week before your final exams in fourth year and not studying frantically.

What I wish I had done, is kept on doing my flashcards from third year, second year up till now because they are now relevant in the clinical years.

So whatever you end up using, Anki or Remnote (which I highly recommend. It's what I use and has made med school a bit easier. I encourage you to sign up here and I will make videos and articles on how I use it to buy time in medical school.), they are both great at flashcards and making you remember stuff using scientifically proven mechanisms which I talked about [here](How to remember everything you learn | Medbase).


Most importantly though, enjoy your time in university. Go for outings with friends, experiment, plan stuff etc. This is the university time you have. Better enjoy it in third year because afterwards, it's just tears.

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