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The semester started on the 20th of February and up till now, Medbase has seen an increase in numbers while celebrating its listing on the Google Play Store as an app.


There's a small request at the end of the post so please stick around.

This is the point I want to thank everyone reading this and everyone who used the app and got value from it. It is gratifying to know that we created something that helps people in exams.

Numbers from the Website

  • Since 20 February 2023, Medbase, in terms of users, has gotten

    • 569 Users

    • 484 New users

    • Average engagement time of 10 minutes and 49 seconds per user

  • Seems like Medbase is not only used in Zimbabwe. It has international users from the following countries

    • 13 users from China

    • 7 users from the United States

    • 5 from Nigeria

    • 3 from India

    • 3 from the Netherlands

    • 3 from Pakistan

    • Other users have come from South Africa, Russia, Turkey, Korea and Botswana.

Numbers from the mobile application

I don't remember the date I released this app to the Play Store but adoption has been quite okay and it used arguably more than the website as it has offline capabilities.

  • Medbase Mobile is installed on 182 as of the day of writing.

  • On average, there are 3.62 sessions per user per day

  • The application has an average rating of 4 stars on the Google Play Store

Other things around Medbase

  • Started an Instagram page to create more engagement with the Medbase and serve as a media outlet together with the blog.

Features in the pipeline

  • Clustering the MCQs as topics alone isn't the best way. There should be a feature to select MCQs as a whole paper that was written. For example, selecting an MCQs for "MCQ 2 2023 for Haematology" instead of going by topics alone.

  • Dark mode for the website and mobile application


The experience of developing and supporting Medbase is gratifying and it's only bound to get better with your help.
Any feature suggestions are extremely welcome. Please use this link to enter your complaints, suggestions and comments to make Medbase better.

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