What's Medbase?

Medbase can play an important role in how you study. Read more...

Medbase is a software suite created by part 3 BMS student Tanaka Mawere (link to my website if you want to see my face) who so happens to be writing this article and is presumptuously speaking about himself in the third person.

Why did I make Medbase?

In part 1, I was frustrated by how other students had question papers I didn't have. I'd hear someone say after the exam, "ndakariita bepa iri." while I didn't have the slightest clue of what I had just written.

So I made Medbase (it's free before you run away) in the hope that many of the past questions in Anatomy & Physiology (for part 1 and 2), you'd find them on Medbase so that you don't go through what I went through in part 1.

Think of it as being the modern day Robinhood. Stealing from the rich and stingy (vanhu vane mapepa vasingape vamwe) and giving them out to everyone. Leveling out the playing field.

How should you use it?

Medbase has a website which is what you are reading this on and an application for Android. (I didn't make an iPhone application because I am revenging against all AirDrop users who exclude us Android users.)

Feature developments and other neat stuff are concentrated on the Android application while the website is to offer equal access to laptop and iPhone users.

Features in the app

Medbase is better in the application. Unlike the website where you need data, you can download questions to practice them later. There is also a quiz feature to make the learning a bit more gamified.

You can also suggest features you want Medbase to have by contacting me through my website.

This is getting long

I know no one reads stuff anymore and I should have created a video.

But if you got this far in the article, first of all thank you for the being in the 5% of people who still have a functioning attention span and secondly, reach out, say hie and send the following emoji 👻 to my WhatsApp.

Happy learning! with Medbase of course

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