Welcome to BMS. Kuchachemwa

Advice from BMS part 4, 3 and 2.

As Medbase (if you don't know who we are, click here), we thought we'd welcome you to BMS by compiling a few bits of advice from the students ahead of you in your journey.

Tafadzwa says...

This is not a one man walk, quickly look for a discussion group, no matter how intelligent you think you are, this is a whole new level of learning with different requirements all together, congratulations and good luck, don't give up😁👍

Laura says...

Start as you mean to go on. From the very first day work and try to ensure you read all the content you’ve learnt in a day on the day you’ve done it. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed. For pre coin course work makes the grades so take it seriously, especially anatomy CA. Know your stuff in preclin. Take your histo and embryos seriously. Do not neglect them. Knowledge of these comes in very handy in pathology. Cut yourself some slack. Give it all you have to give and even if you get shitty grades then, you’re not dump. Just take the lirru humbling😂

Denise says...

Fasten your sit belts for you're in for a bumpy ride. I'm sure considering the fact you have a made it this far I'm sure you're a tough cookie.On the journey that you are about to embark on ,be prepared to be pushed to your limits. They say it's very difficult, but they don't say it's impossible. If you want this journey to be easier you have to see failure as a learning point and accept obstacles as part of the journey. You have to pick your self up each time and bounce back . Yes you have achieved so much but don't forget to be humble or you will be humbled.All things are possible to those who believe,so don't lose hope and keep believing in your self and you will sail through.

Munashe says...

Work very hard and be determined and committed to your studies if you want to become a doctor who learnt at the University of Zimbabwe. This is because not all will be admitted to study MCHB. There is no place for everyone. Secure a place in MBCHB buy working hard to get the best results. Be committed and become a good doctor!

Rufaro says...

Stay focused, its the yesr that contributes to your CA (continous assessment) the most. Be patient with yourself. You may not get it first but you'll get the hang of things with time. Dont wait till part 2.2 to start working. It will be too late. Work diligently and it will help manage unnecessary pressure and it will definitely pay off #Kaizen (Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning change for the better or continuous improvement.)

Bee says...

BMS is a lot of pressure, hard to handle on your own, discussion groups always help, have friends that are better than you it helps, and when it's time to rest make sure you rest and refresh

Act says...

Always have some form of notes , the large textbooks may suggest not to take notes but come EOS (End Of Semester exams, sic), you cant go through your Histology textbook

That's all folks

Well, my advice, Use Medbase😂 for your MCQs.

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